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Marton Fernezelyi

Address: Hungary
Romer Floris 48
1024 Budapest
Tel:(361) 135-70-40

Born: 1972, Budapest, Hungary

Sex: Male

1986 Moricz Zsigmond Secondary School Budapest
Special courses: Matematics, Physics, Computer programming
Languages: English, German

1990 Final Exam

1990 Kando Kalman Politechnic of Technology
Informatics department

1992 Software Technology section
Programming languages: Pascal,Clipper, dBase, C, Assembler
Experiences: IBM PC DOS-Windows, Micro Vax, Apple Mac

1993 Technical period in Greece, six mounths
TEI of Patras - Completion of Diploma thesis
Diploma theisis: INFORM General Information System
Design, implement and test an International database system
in UNIX and Novell enviroment

1993 Graduation and acceptance of Diploma
Subjects of examination: Software Technology, Informatics
Classification of Diploma: Good

1994 Delft University of Technology
Informatics department
Graduate courses, Software Engineering

1995-97 Technical University of Budapest
Informatics department (from the 4-th year)
Software specification and design module description [hungarian]
Economic informatics module description [hungarian]
Experiences: OO development and design, C and C++ in Windows and Unix environment

1994 Arthur Andersen & CO, SC - Budapest Office
Business System Consulting Group
Network and Notes administrator
Novell netware 3.11 250 user
Lotus Notes for OS2 75 user

1995 AND Electronic Publishing BV. Rotterdam
Test Department

1996 Internet.Galaxis 96
First hungarian Internet fair
WebSite and organizing

1996 PestiEst Apro
First hungarian free advertising system on the Net
CGI programmming

1996 IOI 96
VIII. International Olympiad in Informatics
WebSite and organizing

1997 Internet.Galaxis 97
WebSite and organizing

1997 sugo(at)
E-mail and Web based technical support system
CGI programming and WebSite (it was destreyed by a hardware crash)

1997-98 C3 Center for Culture and Communication
Program coordinator
Hungaian and international projects

1997-98 Freemail
First hungarian free E-mail system
Concept, design and programming

Knowledge of Languages:
Hungarian, mother tongue
English, written and spoken
German, written

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